You can do this.
You can do this.

About OCP

The OverCome Project features stories and photography of a common thread in humanity: our ability to endure life's challenges and lessons. Here's how we do it.


I ask for people to reflect on two memorable points in their past: 


(1) a moment of deep struggle

(2) the moment they started to overcome it


Then I ask people to imagine a visual representation of how those moments felt, and I get to go photograph it!


It is so gratifying to use art to validates someone's healing story. I hope you read a few and find one that inspires you to keep on keepin' on.



Erin Reeve is a palliative care and hospice physician who works with people who have very serious and life-limiting health conditions. She loves hearing her patients' stories and is grateful for their wisdom.


Dr. Reeve has never been formally trained in photography and hopes this project inspires people to GO MAKE ART regardless of whether or not you feel your creations are "good enough".

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